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feeling depressed


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As if all that wasn't stressful enough, there you are putting extra pressure on yourself to not be experiencing the stuff you are experiencing. that can't help. In fact, that rather harsh self-judgment where you find yourself to be a failure may be the straw that is breaking your back today. Maybe you can't do anything (as you suggest) to make all this go away, but probably you could be a little kinder to yourself and less judgmental about being a failure.

What if you are a failure for now? I'm not agreeing that you are a failure, mind you - just saying - what if you are in a sort of "worst case scenario" kind of way. Would that really be so terrible? If you could just be okay with being a failure for a little while you could relax, and you might feel a little less like a failure. You could go back to judging yourself harshly tomorrow, if you like, but take a break for the rest of today. Paradoxical stuff to think like this, but it can be helpful actually.

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