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Dear Charm,

Many people on this post do NOT like AA. They have varying reasons. I got sober in AA and did fine. You might have trouble with some people in AA who do not believe you should take any type of medication. You will need to be strong and continue with your therapy if you go to AA. Some there will say to quit therapy. Some AA groups are very accepting and some are not. Remember, they are just a group of people who drank too much, too long. They are NOT professionals. Some, actually, are pretty nutty. Some are really great. And those who post here are Not professionals, except the moderators. It is a personal choice. You may like AA; you may not. But DO NOT stop your meds or therapy if you go to AA, no matter what anyone in AA says.

That said, if you want to go to meetings--look in the phone book under Alcoholics Anonymous and call that number. Generally, there is someone who is willing to help people get to meetings by picking them up. At least there were people like that when I got sober. You may have to leave a number and they will call you back. Explain your situation and I am sure someone will be willing to help.


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Hi Charm-

I would like to lend my support to what SuzyQ said regarding getting a ride to an AA meeting. Call the central office for AA in your town and they can help you find a meeting and people willing to help others get to the meeting as well.

Keep in mind that you are not the only person who can't drive themselves to a meeting. Many AA members have had their driver's licenses suspended or even revoked because of DUI's.

Let us know how it goes.


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