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Due to the Administrative comment on my Animated Gif, I have removed it to see no public complaints on my behalf. I recently discovered 'Mental Help.net' has a high Google ranking and a number of search tags show this post. It indicates that I am in someway insulting the site's meaning by posting something that was meant as non-harmful and humor and taken as disturbing and somewhat controversial.

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It is completely clear that you meant no harm; that the image was just a way of expressing something you felt inside. Still - it was a graphic representation even given that it was done with stick figures, and I personally am glad to see that you've taken it down.

I don't know how the community as a whole has felt. I got one private message on the subject which expressed mild discomfort with the image, so what feedback I have is mildly negative (which is how I'd classify my own feedback).


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I'd rather keep the peace than erupt it! If you know what I mean?

Like I mentioned before, no good making a mountain out of a mole hill is there?

By removing my animated gif, it saves any unnecessary feedback on my behalf, and I don't mind eliminating it, if it is going to save a lot of agro on my behalf. It's something that I can do without! No doubt you can as well!

Were all on this site to get along with one another, not to be unjustified with each other.

If I have upset anyone in the process of showing my Animated Gif then I apologise. It was not meant to hurt anyone, it was just a bit of humor. I should of thought before I downloaded this gif. It won't happen again!

Sorry! Paula

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