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my depression is suffocating...


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Please help. I suffer from major depression and anxiety, but have been fired from my third job in two years. I haven't been on any medication for the past 8 months, and my depression is suffocating! I also think I suffer from a pesonality disorder as well. I can't maintain any type of relationships; work, personal , family, etc. The job I was fired from today had a 90-day probationary period before medical coverag could begin. I tried to make it, day by day, to the point where I could get medication and therapy, but my condition is just too severe -- I couldn't do it. It actually hurts to be so sick. If anyone has any suggestions on help I can receive with no medical benefits, please let meknow. I feel like I'm suffocating...

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Guest ASchwartz

Perhaps my response was too brief. There are local mental health clinics where you can get very low cost psychotherapy and medication. Yes, once you have a prescription it is true that you can take it to Walmart and have it filled inexpensively if you qualify and it sounds like you do.

What do others suggest?


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