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i dont know whats going on with me. ive been on medication after medication but decided to stop taking them because i felt worse on them. i feel sad, LONELY and tired. i sometimes want to end my life but i dont think i ever would. i get really angry at times and i punch things or swear, i used to cut myself but now ive resorted to smoking. i only really hang out with one friend. but when she hangs out with her boyfriend i get mad. i dont know why. i just get all jealous and feel like she hates me. i also lie unintentionally. i just want help. i dont want to feel like this anymore.

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Hi cmsl21

You mention that you've stopped your Medication, that you thought it was doing you no good! Well..... I think you could do with seeing a Doctor, because obviously, it must of been doing you some good? Otherwise, you wouldn't be feeling the way you are, would you?

I know exactly where your coming from, as I am going through the same scenario myself. I too, paid a visit to my Doctor and implyed that my med's didn't seem to be doing me any good, as I feel no better than when I first started taking these med's.

I was acting just like yourself. Blaming everything and everyone, including certain people on this site, for my own stupidity. Fortunately, these people understood the way I was feeling, and after an appology was made, by myself, there was nothing to serious that couldn't be rectified.

I am in the process of being in between meds at the moment, so I'm not out of the woods yet......

I would defonately advise you to seek medical advise, and the sooner the better for all concerned!


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