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I've been lurking for a couple months now and I really appreciate the site and all of the information available here. The Community board is especially valuable to me. Allan, Mark and Natalie, it is obvious you have put a great deal of virtual elbow grease and passion into this endeavor and it is amazing how it has blossomed in such a short time! First and foremost I want to thank you.

I was wondering if there could be a separate section for Therapy Stories or Therapy Issues? I've been in therapy for the past 7 months and learned a ton. I enjoy reading other people's stories and questions from therapy, but they seem to be posted all over the place in the other categories. I'd like to post my own thoughts and story as well and wondered if this might all be consolidated in one spot for those dealing specifically with therapy issues...?

To the regular posters on this board: you have my utmost appreciation. I probably won't post often enough to become a regular (I have a history of firing up then flaking out on various web boards), but be assured I really value your words, stories, questions and insights. You never know how many people out there identify so strongly with your feelings, struggles, experiences and expressions, because the majority of those who are touched are anonymous and never post--it's just the way the internet works. (And that's not a complaint--thank God for anonymity until I'm ready to be known!)

I'll tell you more about my name and my background when I share my story.

Love, Joy, Peas & Carrots,


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Guest ASchwartz

Welcome, GK and thank you for your kind observations about our efforts here. I suggest you send Mark and E. Mail about your idea about a separate forum for psychotherapy. In the mean time, posting on the Relationship forum might make sense because psychotherapy is a relationship and it's about relationships.

In any case, can you tell us about your self?

Allan :P

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