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Hi Confused, I don't know how I could have missed this thread! I am glad that I happened upon it today. I better understand where you are coming from. It makes sense that your method of therapy is psychoanalysis. I received that when I was young myself. Now I am receiving mostly psychotherapy with some CBT.

I just looked up C-PTSD and wow, that is really quite something. I have been diagnosed with PTSD but don't know if that is still one of my diagnoses or not. I wish you much comfort and understanding. xxx

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Thanks WinterSky

I am now much more ok about the whole posting things:). This has had a spin off effect in real life too. I have been able to express things verbally during therapy which I never did before.

This community has helped me greatly already. Not just being able post here but also the information the site provides. Having people discuss there issues provides me with strength to unravel my complex post traumatic stress disorder. And wow people actually express emotion.

I am so glad to hear that things are going better for you!! It sounds like you are on the road to recovery! :)

Do you think your diagnoses has changed? Or are you starting to think there is more to you than you first thought?


Well I know that my diagnosis has changed from major depression to bipolar. Before, medication did not work. Now, well still the meds are not working but then I am not yet on a theraputic dose of lamictal (a mood stabilizer). But as for PTSD, I still get panic attacks, jumpy sometimes (like lately), I get desperate and my fears get the better of me, etc... When I disappear I feel like a donut hole (well, you know what a donut hole is :) ), but that only happens occasionally and for short periods. But my symptoms aren't nearly as bad as many folks here. So I really don't know.


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honestly, I do not know what C-PTSD is? however know of PTSD. I will have to further educate myself.

It does not sound like a "nice" thing to have to deal with at all. However, at least there is now A real diagnoses . Iam sorry you have to experience all of this, and being a parent make things much more stressful. i am A single parerent of A teen. son. He has high functioning autism, and that takes a lot of time right there in our lives.

I glad that you have posted, and fint that this is a safe place to express feelings. It is one of the best places I have discovered , that actually give helpful, well informed aswers.

OK now I know what you are talking about. That is A extremely difficult thing to have to deal with. i am sorry.

I am aslo glad you are getting the help you need and have A support system.

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