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Dr. Ronald Dworkin interview


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Hi all,

I am really thankful for your recent interview of Dr. Dworkin. I heard the interview after googling his name and finding your website. The book has changed my life. I now think that I need to pay attention to life instead of only taking psyotropic drugs to euthenaze my 'sinfulness'. My hope or goal for the future is to temper my anger by sheer willpower and community with others, instead of going it alone. I know feelings are important, but not to the extent of thinking one inferior if they are not always positive.

thanks again,


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You're very welcome. Keep in mind that Dr. Dworkin is not against all treatment - just overuse of medication as an anti-depression remedy. There are lots of alternative treatments to medication for problems like anger control. Specifically, a psychotherapy group protocol for anger management may be helpful to you if you decide to look for it near you. Lots of anger management classes out there these days.


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