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Opiate addiction

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For about a year, about a year ago, I was really into opium, morphine,loratabs, and vicoden. I stopped cold turkey (big woop).

Still, I get intense urges to do these things again. Somedays, I really feel the need to score some smack. I'll even have dreams where I'm doing it. I can even feel its effects.

I can't be addicted, can I? Whats going on here?

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I'm overcoming addiction too, mainly amphetamines, I've been clean for 6 months and quit cold turkey and on my own. One thing I've learned is that the cravings never go away, they just get easier to deal with. You're not physically addicted anymore, you're mentally addicted. Most recovering addicts are for a very long time. I still haven't overcome my mental addiction, but I've realized why I want to get high, and that helps me fight the itch a little more. I don't know how much advice I can give you as you've been clean longer and I don't use support groups. One thing I can say is cut away you're connections to the drug. It's not always easy, my dealer was phoning me, trying to push me back to using. I finally told him that if I ever saw him again I'd put a baseball bat in is skull. That stopped him from calling, and eliminated the possibilities of me being able to call him. So when I jones it's not like just pik up the phone and get a hit.

Stay Strong and Stay Clean

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Guest ASchwartz

SomeonefromNH, Smallstar and others,

Yes, it is the addiction that can be affecting you even a year after quitting opium. Brain cells store the memories of addiction and, once something happens to remind them, even something small, they can wake up and start the craving again. In other words and to say it very simply, "your brain is playing tricks on you." I agree: do not give in to the temptation, and remain strong and resolute.

Smallstar, there is help for you to stop using. What drugs or drugs are you using?


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Hi Allan, I know there is help I just fear they will force me to be inpatient. Trying on my own the biggest problem is depression, really bad, physically it's hard, but bearable. I take percocets, alot, if not oxycontin, if I can't get percocets I take vicodin as a last resort. I'm trying to convince myself to stop on my own but I can't seem to do it.

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Can't live with it and can't live without it. It must be some sort of cruel joke or somethingl and I have just forgotten to laugh. Spending insane amounts of money jsut to not be sick. Gettting "High" becomes just a memory. It eats you alive and then vomits you back up.

Ironic, really, that the word "Hero" is in Heroin.

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