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nervous or what?


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Hy everyone. This is my first post.

And here is my problem. I have a girl and we are 4 years together. And I'm 20 years old. We tried to have sex numerous times, but the problem is that most of the time i can't maintain erection. Sometimes i can, and there is no problem. Everything is fine. But most of the time isn't and i don't know why is this happening.

At first i believed that i'm nervous or something. But i don't feel tat way at all. I feel attracted by her and i know what i want, but my body just won't listen to me. And it makes her an me feel bad.

I have talked to someone, i have red many articles but i can't find what is causing me all these troubles ad how to get rid of that.

And i forgot, i never had sex with someone else. She did 2 or 3 times, and had no troubles.

Any kind of help will be apretiated.

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it is important to try to figure out if this is a mechanical (physical) problem or a psychological (mental) one. Are you able to get an erection when you masturbate?

I would recommend that you see a doctor about this (a specialist doctor like a Urologist?) to try to rule out causes of a physical nature that might be preventing your erection. There is a substantial amount of plumbing involved and if there are problems with that plumbing, there can be problems with erections. Only after your doctor clears you of physical problems should you think that this is likely to be some emotional problem you are facing.

Good luck with this. I bet it is frustrating for you both.

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