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..."Anxiety, Panic and Phobias" by Reneau Peurifoy? It is a book recommended by my T and I just got it in the mail today (had to order it.) Her suggestion was for me to read one section every week or two and then we would discuss it in session. I have briefly skimmed it and it seems very comprehensive but is styled as a "self-help" book. I don't know why but this phrase always raises concern for me. I trust my T though and I think working through it with her will be more beneficial for me than reading it alone. Not surprisingly, I find it hard to stay focused so I am making notes as I go hoping to help with that. I jut realized it has been ages since I have tried to read a book! :o

So, does anyone have experience and/or reviews about this book? Was it helpful?

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I've not read that specific book, but I just wanted to say that I too am quite skeptical about the whole "self-help" book industry--it seems more designed to make a lot of money than to help a lot of people. That said, I had a therapist a couple years ago who recommended a particular 'self-help' book; even though I was leery, I picked it up and it has become a valuable part of my process.

(The book I read, BTW, is "Tired of Trying to Measure Up" by Jeff VanVonderen.) I just wanted to encourage you that maybe this book will have some insights you haven't considered. It certainly doesn't sound like one of those "sell a billion copies worldwide" type self-help books.



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