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a bit confussed & Frustrated


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Mr. Swartz;

Maybe you can help? I am already a bit confussed & frustrated on this site. Maybe I am doing something wrong, just not sure?

1) I have posted a few comments & replys but cant find most of them? Why & is there a place I can go to on this site to find them?

2) Should'nt I be receiving info in my E-Mail in regards to Post, Replys & Responces?

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I am trying my best to get help & also help if I am able.

Thank You

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Let me try to cover this before Dr. Schwartz comes back ... I'm quite sure you're not doing anything "wrong". Let's see if we can get you set up.

1) I'm not sure why you're having difficulty finding comments that you made. However, you can always find all the posts that you've ever made:

Click your name where it says "Welcome, <your name>", up on the right.

That gives you your profile page. Click on the tab labeled "Statistics". On that tab, there's a link that says "Find all posts by <your name>". And there you have it, all of them in one list.

2) You can set things up so that you receive e-mails for various events, but they may not be "on" by default. Those switches are set by:

Click "User CP" from the left end of the lowest menu. Under "Settings & Options", pick "Edit Options". In there is a whole section for you to decide what you want to receive an e-mail for. If that still doesn't work, come back and ask again; there could be a simple problem with your e-mail, or something.

Hope this covers your concerns, and please feel free to ask, if it doesn't.

The last thing we want is to add to people's frustrations. ;-)

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