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Social phobia/anxiety 1 Week fix


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Okay there is an ebook website I'd like to recommend personally based on my own experience. It helps get over social anxiety/social phobia. This is how it works

Each section is divided into different days in which you must to different things.

For example Day 1:

You write down your favorite things that you would do to "reward yourself".

There's also supplements for people that suffer for anxiety or depression on each day so there is like a day1 depression supplement etc.

Day 2 would like ask you to go outside and do something simple.

the stuff isn't really too far from your normal routine.

By Day 7 you should be comfortable around the opposite sex and be comfortable around people in general.

what's great is that it doesn't stick to one technique such as self rewarding. there's a variety of ways such as scrambling, NLP, all into one nice book.

Link is in my profile if you're interested.

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This sounds very much like advertising. I am certainly glad if you found something that helped you; perhaps you can tell us something about how this works from your own personal experience, without a reference to a website that is selling the solution?

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I'm not really sure how I can sum up the entire thing here but pretty much it's tells you how much and what you should do everyday I guess. At the end of the manual it says if it worked for you to recommend it on one of my forums and that's what I was trying to do pretty much.

so if it's allowed let me know if I can put the link back in.

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I'm not really sure how I can sum up the entire thing here but pretty much it's tells you how much and what you should do everyday I guess.

How much of what? What do you have to do everyday?

My problem here is not with you or the recommendation. :) My problem is with spam and advertising and this topic title and website/book treads on thin ice. My suggestion is that you put the link in on your profile as your Home Page (if you don't already have one) and then people who read this thread and want to know more can come and look at your profile and find the link. How do you feel about that?

Alternatively, you can explain the method they use in a bit more detail (so it is more of a recommendation than just "read this book, it cured me in one week"), and then you can put back the link.

I do not want to prevent you from recommending something which helped you, nor do I want to prevent people who may be helped by this, from finding it. I only want to protect our members from advertising or you can imagine we'd be overrun with people selling solutions and quick-fixes for every problem.

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No, hello9,

I'm afraid that "I liked it very much and they told me to advertise it" isn't really a good enough reason for us to keep the link here.

I'm glad something worked. I'd be glad to hear about what you went through and how things are different, and if somewhere in there, you mention that a book helped you, maybe.

As it is, I agree with Luna: I have no problem with you, or even a recommendation. But I'm afraid the link isn't going to stay, sorry.

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