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is happy happy happy whoop whoop ha


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Are you okay? I have to ask, because you say you're happy and that it's all money well-spent, but it sounds a bit manic, to me. Is there someone you trust nearby who can help you be sure that you're not harming yourself by giving in to the good feelings?

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Hi Tash, I glad you are feeling up today, just hope it isn't a manic moment.

Beware one horse can turn into four horses in no time, thats what happened to me. I love them all though and they help keep me sane. I have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep them all fed and happy, the easy part was buying them.

I remember during one manic episode I bought a horse, truck, dog and got a tattoo. All impulse buys, so be careful.

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hi 2 u both

Yeah all is ok with me. My flat mate is in her room so not alone.

I have 3 horses already brought 2 of them this year just keep adding to my collection but I do love them as well.

I love days like these as nothing goes wrong and no1 can touch u or hurt u.

whoop whoop hahahaha

hope ur both well

take care x x

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You sound like me with the horse thing. I have 3 terriers as well. The place where I have my horses stabled has over 40 horses there, all shapes and sizes. I sometimes find work there, I train horses when I can, it's hard though now to find the time to take on horses while taking care of my mom. But I did get to start one this summer, the extra cash sure helped. The stables are my heaven, a place to get away from it all.

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hi shannon

Yeah horses r great when u r feeling a little low they bring me so much happyness and love.

You shoulld try and spend more time with the horses if that is what u love doing and it it helps u.

Y dont u try and get a carer that comes in to help u with ur mum. As then will give u more time to do the things in life u enjoy doing plus still be there to help with ur mum but just not all the time as u still to have some time as well.

Im a carer for adults with learning disabilities and I love my job and the people I care for. Could never think of working anywhere else. It helps me alot as I love to help and support people who need me and spend a lot of my time there to help them through their bad days.

Take care and hope u r well.

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