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Favorite Poems Anyone?


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I was just wondering if anyone out there has a favorite poem. Something that just speaks to you or for whatever reason you just like it. :)

Mine is by Shel Silverstein


Listen to Mustn'ts, child,

listen to the Don'ts.

Listen to the Shouldn'ts, the Impossibles, the Won'ts.

Listen to the Never Haves,

then listen close to me ...

Anything can happen, child.

Anything can be

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Here is a couple.


Every man sings a song

Most sing the song of another

Sometimes a hero, sometimes a brother

To these mean a song is a song

But not to the one to whom it belongs

There is no right, there is no wrong

Just the harmony and clash, song against song

Tiger by the Tail

In the center ring we have an act

It’s the greatest act of all

A tiger and a trainer

Surrounded by no wall

The trainer must control the tiger

For he can do only this

The tiger must remain the beast

For that is all he is

For should the trainer break the tiger

He would have no reason to be

But should the tiger defeat the trainer

He would destroy all he could see

The balance is the magic

To control and yet not tame

The act goes on forever

Sanity in keeping it the same


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