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wanting this to end


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What is wrong with me? Am I defective? I have scars everywhere from cutting myself. I drink too much. I eat everything or nothing at all. I want out. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to be normal. I am in graduate school and I can’t keep up with the coursework. I will probably get kicked out of the program. I have no friends and nothing to look forward to. My family is ok. Why am I such a loser?

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Your not a loser and u need to stop looking on urself as a loser. How do you define loser?, is it based on wealth?, popularity?. I like to think mankind is defined wether they are Losers or winners by their mind. You are unique and special, diffrent than others. Can u tell me what goes trough your mind when u cut urself?. are you beeing bullied?, got no one to talk and the rage just build up?, so you cut urself to release the pain?.

In anycase the one u belive you are closest to in your family, you should tell him/her about it. If they get mad they care and i hope they will help u also.

My younger sister used to cut herself to, i also did it once. ,but i looked on cutting myself a bit diffrent. After i did it once, i relalised how stupid i had been and how pointless it realy was. I thought, looking on a comedy show/movie would at least help me just as much. Maybe that dosent work for you, but try at least to look at other options to release some of your feelings you close up inside. Actualy if you any martial art studio or something it might be a good idea to train ther, or just buy boxing gloves and a sack to punch on whenever you get realy mad. I used to train martial arts when younger and it realy helps with controlling your body and mind.

(you have to excuse my poor english)

Good Luck Meredith :o

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I guess I would define “loser” as someone who has not made the most of their situation, or who has not met the expectations of themselves or others. I have self-injured to punish myself and to quiet negative thoughts about myself.

I feel like a loser because I cannot seem to change my situation or behavior. I know that self-injury accomplishes nothing. I know that drinking, in the long term, makes me feel worse rather than better. Since both of these behaviors are a choice, I should be able to stop. The fact that I have tried to stop, but have failed, makes me feel horrible.

I want to change but I don’t know how. A proactive person would get help for their problems. My lack of social skills has kept me from doing this. I had a panic attack the last time I went to a doctor and I can’t seem to do basic things like answer my phone or call the people that I have been referred to.

I do think that exercise is a good way to release stress, so I will keep that in mind.

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You should be proud of yourself making it this far :o. The brain or heart(depends on who has the control). Does what it needs to do to survive even though it might bring bad habbits with it, it does what it needs to do to co-op with the reality. My final tip to you, is to visit a Healer or a Psycic(both if possible, and get someone to help you to arrange it). I dont care what others think here on the site but that worked miracles on me.

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I really don’t know where to begin. If I could end my life without hurting anyone, I would. A friend close my family took his own life without warning anyone. It has been sort of a constant reminder of the pain it causes everyone. I attempted once before. I remember the guilt and thinking that I had never felt worse in my life. This is not an option for me. But I feel trapped. I have so many problems; I don’t know where to start.

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