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So I've been dating a girl for exactly 11 months today. I do care about her and she loves me. The thing is, I'm so back and fourth with wanting to break up and wanting to stay with her that it's really hurting her badly...

As a couple, our relationship probably wasn't ever very healthy. We'd fight a lot and things never really got resolved - I'll explain a little more in a sec. After a trip to a mental hospital, I was incredibly happy and laid-back for about a week. Then, we started fighting again, but this time, things got resolved very quickly. I think the reason things never got resolved was because she didn't understand what was actually going on with me and neither did I. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with Major Depression, ADHD (Predominately Inattentive), and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Basically, I always want the last word).

For some reason, it's hard to have conversations with her because I can't ever seem to relate to her on anything and vise-versa. I'm pretty sure this is the root of the problem.

A little advice?

- - - - - - - -I don't want to go into an incredible amount of detail from fear of getting the main points lost in all the details. If you think I may have left something important out, just ask about it. I have nothing to hide. :)

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I can actually relate. Except for the going to the hospital and being diagnosed with stuff. I've been dating my girlfriend for a year and three months now. We fight alot and we get angry at each other alot and there are so many times that I want to give up and I can tell there are times when she wants to give up too. The thing that keeps me going is how much I depend on her. She has been the only person to ever accept me for what I have. [i have a trio split personality. Victor Alistair Raine and Kaleb Matthew Inugami are my splits. I'm Kayla Mina] She knows and she's met all of us and yet she still accepts me and loves me. "Love is what makes us real" -Velveteen Rabbit That pretty much sums it up. If you really love her and she really loves you and accepts you for who you are, then things will eventually work out. If she is you first love, it is said that you will always love your first real love. That's just how it is. It's an irrevocable love connection. And I'm sure you'll do fine.

All the best~

Kayla Mina and the other two nutballs. <3

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