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Hey, it's just the three of us. If you don't know us yet, that's cool, we're new here. Just registered earlier today. The reason I type we is because I am typing for three people. Yes, I have a split personality. I really don't remember a time when I was alone in my mind. I have two other people sharing my body, my thoughts and all that. The newest addition to our happy little trio is Victor Alistair Raine. He got to choose his name...he said the one he chose sounds very royal. haha I don't know much about him yet, because he is only 2 weeks old. Then there's Kaleb Matthew Inugami. He's been with me since about Elementary school. EARLY Elementary school too. Not late in the year stuff. He's gay but oh so sweet. He's English. OH! I forgot to say. Victor is Irish with alittle English. How funny...because England and Ireland don't get along well. That's why he and Kaleb clash. Not to mention Kaleb likes him and he isn't gay. What a confusing thing this is. Haha. And last but sometimes counted as least, is me. I'm Kayla Mina. [My daddy gave me my middle name. It's from Wilhemina. The lady from Brom Stoker's Dracula.] Anyway, I'm not really too extraordinary. I'm just a girl with a beautiful girlfriend. [we've been dating a year and a few months. our anniversary is August 28th] Nothing too miraculous in my background. I broke my humerous bone in two places when I was in fourth grade. Got stitches above my left eyebrow [6 on inside 8 on outside]. To sum it up, I'm clusmy.

Split personality isn't my only issue though. I have a bad temper. A short fuse they say. When I get set off it's pretty bad. I have depression and sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. I used to cut myself but I scared myself once and don't do it as often now. Sometimes it's still a fallback. I know it's bad for me...but sometimes I don't know what else to do. I have issues with my parents. I have a step dad and a dad who isn't around as much as I'd like. Plus, my mom and I [best buddies by the way] started arguing more often. I have a reality issue. I escape reality and often write disturbing poetry and books. Sometimes I roleplay my favourite shows. [latest one: SUPERNATURAL] I guess all around I'm just messed up. Or are there people out there who can relate? I'd like to know so I'm not so alone....

[how can someone ever be alone with three people constantly thinking inside my head. Oh it's possible.]

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi all three of you,

Are all of you in psychotherapy?

This split personality diagnostic area usually results from extreme and ongoing trauma, most often during childhood. The mind protects itself by turning into someone else who does not have to face the trauma.

Are you getting help with this?


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Well, I [Kayla] used to go to therapy. My therapists name was Bob. I don't get to see him much anymore because his office is so far from my house. I guess I see where it all started now that you say that. My mom and my biological father were engaged but never got married and now they are split and my mom is married to a guy I fight with about everything little thing. My dad is currently engaged to a woman that I don't dislike but I also do not wish her to be my stepmom. She makes my dad happy so I stay quiet about it.

And I hope to make friends on here and I hope to be on as much as possible. Hopefully I'll post more too. haha. And maybe one of the guys will post and complain about me sometime. HAHAHA~

Anyway, should wrap it up and get going. Always nice to hear there are people out there that can relate.

Talk to you all later.

Always truly,

~Kayla Mina <3

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Do you feel it would be beneficial for you to start therapy back up? Maybe with someone closer if possible? And someone who is really trained in the field?

Do you have those resources near you?

Just curious, why do you say maybe one of the guys will post and complain about you?

The only thing close is my school physcologist. I don't get to go to see her often because of...well...school. haha I'd love if I could find someone else around here but it's not something I'm comfortable talking to my parents about yet. I went to therapy because of my parents split. This is a totally different thing. *sigh*

I say one of the guys might come and complain because they just like to get me in trouble. All for fun of course. And not serious trouble. Kaleb doesn't like girl because he's gay so sometimes he flirts with guys to get me in trouble with my girlfriend. And Victor is new and I don't know what he thinks of me yet so I don't exactly know if he would complain about me or not.

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