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how to help someone with bi polar


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Do not blame my BP for every argument that we have and I'm not always to blame, although my moods do contribute to my share.

Please do not tell me how I feel. You aren't in my head and have no concept of the craziness that sometimes goes on. Own your feelings and I'll own mine.

Please hold me when I'm scared but don't know why. Don't ask questions -- just be emotionally available to listen.

Please forgive me when I verbally attack you, because the guilt that is felt afterward is absolutely horrible and I never really intend to hurt you in any way. The guilt is sometimes punishment itself.

Please don't expect me to do well every day if I happen to have one or two good days. This is a blessing in itself.

Please know that if I mention suicide, many times it is because I don't want to be a burden to you. I don't really want to die but want to end the pain. Just let me vent and that can help. If it doesn't stop, please take me to the hospital.

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