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Ah dammit! I just wrote an essay and deleted it as I confused myself.

Anyway, the thread is about a girl. I changed area in school, and school even, which started two weeks ago. Well people in my class were pretty normal, noone stood out or anything except this beautiful girl who started to eye me since the second day or so. Maybe cuz I too would look at her repeatidly.

Now, I usually don't let myself get like this but, I feel attracked to this girl and I really don't understand why. There's no reason. She's just a normal yet beautiful girl. As beauty is only skin-deep, and since I do realise that quite well and can difference it aswell, I rly don't understand the source of my attraction to her.

There's no interest, I have no references of her 'insides' to decide wether I like her or not, no reason to want to meet her. Or I shouldn't feel like this, but I do!

Her beauty stands out in my eyes quite a lot, so I'm guessing it could be a primitive kind of attraction, yet I should be able to control it, though I'm atm thinking about 'her'.

Well there's even this thing I'm starting to embrace cuz of this doubt. I've never understood love songs. Nor the concept of love. I never experienced anything close to what people define love as (towards 'outsiders', I am able to experience it family-wise) so it makes me wonder of this is it.

Oh well anyway, whether I'm blind or/and dumb, could anyone give me a theory on this?

And sorry for the essay, Ty!

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There is that saying, "the unexamined life is not worth living". But the flip side of that is equally true, "the unlived life is not worth examining". It seems to me that you're possibly overthinking this one too much. you don't need a reason to feel drawn to someone. Sometimes it is just a feeling. Assuming that there isn't much danger in acting on this feeling, why not introduce yourself and see where this leads? Saying hello doesn't have to turn into anything in particular and you don't need to put any expectations on saying hello more than just a desire to do so.


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