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Account To Be Deleted

Guest GingerSnap

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Guest GingerSnap

I have asked that my account here be deleted. I wanted to say that I was sorry if you sent a pm or friend request and felt ignored by me - I would never ignore anyone. I came in to close the personal information in my profile. I will not return after this time so hopefully, my account will be closed quickly. Now, I know that someone that reads this would probably be more than happy to help expedite my request. Yeah, you know who you are too. :) From coming to the website I learned that having God in my life was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Eating Gingersnap cookies were the second best thing that ever happened to me, probably the first actually because God entered my life a couple years after I discovered the GingerSnap!:) I pray that all that seek God find him and enjoy the infinite blessings, peace and security that come along with knowing God. My faith in God was greatly renewed by the time I spent in the forum so that made my investment of time and energy well worth it. All my best, Cathy

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Gingersnap,

You would have to ask Malign about how to delete your account. That is outside of my expertise.

I thought about whether or not to respond to your post and decided I would. I am assuming that the person you are alluding to is me. If I am wrong, let me know.

Assuming it is me I want to let you know that I take no joy in your leaving us. You misunderstand. My concern with regard to you had nothing to do with your religious beliefs, at least not directly. I am fully aware of the conflict about religious belief vs. homosexuality. By the way, that is a conflict with All of the major religions, from Judaism to Christianity to the Catholic Church to Islam. However, this is a mental health web sit, much like a medical site. Therefore, we must remain neutral. I thought you post to one of the articles about homosexuality was unfair and even worse. I hope you went back and saw the comment you made.

You choose to leave here and that is unfortunate but its completely up to you. While I hope you change your mind I realize you might not. If you do not change your mind, I want to wish you good health and happiness.


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