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How to show my image


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Hey Waiting.

One possibility is that there are two "images" available: a profile image, that shows only on your profile page and your blog, if any, and an avatar image, that shows on each post. You have a profile image set; was that meant to be on every post? If so, just make the same image be your avatar, as well.

There are other possibilities, like size restrictions, but that seems like the most likely reason.

If that's not enough explanation or there's another problem, well, you know where to find me. :-)

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Great minds break alike. :-)

I stole the original off the internet, but it was black and white, then.

So I ended up re-drawing it from scratch in Microsoft Paint.

Somehow, I didn't see the male and female forces as being such opposites, though. To me, they're more like two ends of the same thing, so I switched to more Westernized symbolic colors.

And yes, I do tend to over-think things. :-)

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