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Is there

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Is there anything besides therapy that can help me?

I know I need to see a therapist and I currently don't have the means to afford something like that. There also don't seem to be any therapist or psychiatrists where I live. The closest is 2-3 hours away.

Are there any other options out there?

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Hi Demeter,

I am currently throwing the book at my problems, therapy included. Some of the other helpful things I've done to make myself feel better: 1) exercise - cardio and strength, 2) canceling the newspaper, 3) reading inspirational/self help books, 4) quitting my job 5)divorcing a manipulative ex, 6)learning to play piano again, 7)listening to music, 8)going gluten free, 9)reducing sugar (messes with your blood sugar levels and hence, mood) 10)seeing a pain specialist for chronic pain.

I've probably missed a bunch of stuff, but hope some of this helps.

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Hi Demeter,

You can always come here! I use the forums and the blog tool a lot, and they really help me out because everyone is so supportive. I actually stopped going to therapy for about 2 months this year because of financial issues, and I would hae been completely lost without the constant support of people on this site.

Like Athena said, excercise really does help. I was reluctant to try it especially during times when I've been very depresses or anxious, but it does a world of good. Even just going for a walk on your own is nice. It doesn't have to be a an intensive cardio work out. Some days I just put my headphones on and walk around a park, or go grab a coffee on my own. It helps to calm me down and keep me feeling grounded.

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