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It is a growing sensation in the pit of your stomach,

It writhers its way through out the rest of the body,

It succumbs the entire being

It becomes who you are

It makes the heart beat frantically

It envelops you in a fog

It becomes all of who you want to be,

You can't see past it

It brings on unfounded fear,

It brings on panic


It grows and grows and grows,

Till you can't see beyond it

It grows until you can't climb the mountain it has created

It grows till it is all you see in your world

It seems so high, so deep, so wide

How do I cross it,

How do I get over it


I feel as though I have climbed for ever

My breathing is labored,

My head is swimming

I am exhausted

I am sooo tired

I don't want to move,

But I know I must

What can I do

To ride my body of this feeling, this sensation

I could cut

but that is only a temporary relief

I could color but that doesn't seem to work

I could run, but I can't run fast enough or long enough to out run it

It seems no matter what I do

It is always there.

Anxiety, Panic, Fear, Exhaustion, Numbness, Sadness, Depression, Lonelyness, Fatigue, Empty, Worthless, Undeserving, Self loathing, self hatred.

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I am the almighty freer of the soul,

Be free,

run with me in the golden fields,

under the golden warmth of the sun,

its lovely,

run with me,

I know it's hard.

It envelops you in a fog,

but we'll wait for it to evaporate, it will.

It makes the heart beat frantically,

And we'll smile at its power to do so.

It brings on unfounded fear,

but underneath it we'll know our fearlessness, for what else could fear corrupt, but the fearless?

The panic, the fear, the exhaustion,

It'll bare us our strength, for what is strength with nothing to bear?

It'll always be there,

but so will we.

We are fearless and strong.

we are free,

be free, with me

it's lovely,

imagine, free with peace at last.

it's so Lovely.

You are me, and I am you.

Run with me in the fields,

it's so lovely.

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Hi Chatterbox,

I suffer from anxiety as well and I know how overpowering it can be.

I remember one day, when I was a boy and I was riding my bike down a country road, a large black dog burst from a lane way and charged at me. I was startled, fell from my bike and began to run. I ran fro the dog and that dog because my world and my world was bad. There was nothing but the fear of the dog. I ran and ran into the field.

Then I realized the dog would inevitably outrun me. It was a dog and could certainly outrun a boy.

So I turned and charged the dog and it ran from me.

We can't run from anxiety, we need to tackle it. We need to defuse it. We need to fight it. It is not as easily defeated as that dog, but we need to try.


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You gotta be careful when you fight it...don't fight it directly, go Gandhi on it.

Fighting it will exagerate is existence. You just got to accpept it on some level. Accept the fact that it is there, and do what you have to do anyway. Doing this will negate its control over you, and it will diminish. But if you fight it directly, you will get stressed about your anxiety, you'll be anxious that you are anxious.

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