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The work week mentality.


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This is a bit silly I know;

I have worked about 35yrs. of my life. Im 52yrs. old, with nothing to show for it living in a Hotel Room, Maybe a few Months from being Homeless.

But I still have that work week mentality. I look forward to the weekend watching sports & feeling more relaxed. I feel like i need to be doing more during the week. Monday through Friday. And I feel so alone, scared, depressed & anxious during that time also.

I have gotten lazy & unmotivated. I know. There is so much I need to do & im not. The job search, my age, & the income I need just to survive is daunting & frustrating at this point. IM TIRED, Physically & Emotionally.

Somehow I know I need to get into a routine, without the fear & anxiety that keeps me in this Hotel Room & not going outside.

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Hey 58corvette,

Nothing is silly when it affects us so. I understand a lot of what is going on with you. It is a massive effort to day after day look for work. Somedays, sometimes everyday it is such a struggle.

You have not gotten lazy. Don't fall into that trap. A person carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders is not lazy because he wants to sit down. It is very heavy and you are only human.

Try to pick something simple and basic like walking to a free newspaper box or something and back, but be forgiving when it is too much. Work on it. Make a routine bit by bit.


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I don't think this is in the least silly. I so feel the same way. I'm also unemployed; I am edgy, anxious and feel guilty during the week and then relax and feel fine about taking it easy on weekends. I've also become lazy and unmotivated. I've lost confidence in myself and my ability to work at the level that I used to do.

You're right about the routine, as much as I don't like it, I need the structure. While I was working, I hated the regimen, now I realise I need it. It's a most unpleasant state of affairs. Being here is good in one way; in another way, I tend to use it as an escape, something I have to guard against. I try and do at least one goal-directed thing a day, even if only to work on a hobby; it gives me a little focus.

Anyway, that was all to say I can relate to what you said, corvette.

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Thank You for your reply, understanding & relating. I have also lost confidence in my ability & my desire to do the work I used to at my age.

Basically I did physical type work most my life & as a means of supporting my Family, with benefits I took on a job with School District yrs. ago doing Custodial Labor. I worked myself up the ladder to become a Plant Manager only to see myself get shafted when a new Principal took over.

So by then becoming "Middle Management" I had no Union Backing as a Non-Union Classified employee, Dealing with a "Certificated" employee.

Now it's tough finding any job & all this online stuff looking for work hasnt produced anything. And to do Custodial again starting from the Bottom at my age is tough & demeaning. I dont feel good about myself. So it affects me mentally now also.

As you said Routine, Hobby's & Daily Goals help & are a big answer. So I got up early today & hope to accomplish something?

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