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Been a tough week


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Hi Everyone,

It has been a tough week. I am going through psycho dynamic therapy and the sessions dug up a lot of emotions around how I feel powerless and scared in my current legal situations. Then I has a session with my relationship expert (for criminal trial) and that dug up more to do with having to defend my relationship in a world where people can't see beyond the ages. This is on top of my normal worries and anxieties about all of this.

On the plus side my trial is coming up, so less time to wait. It is good in that I see an end but also adds stress and worry.

Also I have my first divorce meeting with a judge soon as well.

I hope some things begin to go my way soon.

On an intellectual level I am pretty sure the trial will go in my favor, but on an emotional level it is still very scary. I am confident I did nothing wrong, but we are talking about a legal system.


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