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I finally got the nerve to call two support groups near me locally. First was a Depression Support Group which also deals with my other issues; Anxiety & Social Dissorder.

Then I called a Divorce Support Group (Which is Religous Based); So I have a bit of concern there as im not real religous. But it is a start; Right?

Part of my Problem is Commitment to Anything; A Job, Religion starting a Relationship Again; you name it.

So I am somewhat Proud I at least called for now & am trying to seek help in a Physical Manner with other People. That is at least a small step for me.

God I hope this helps; I know I want to live, have hope & im a decent person who needs help & deserves some sort of Sanity in my Life.

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It's great you are taking action. I know from experience how hard that can be. Just thought i'd mention - there's a website called singlefamilyvoices.com. It is set up kind of similar to this site. I don't know if you have kids - it seems to be geared to single parents.

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