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Losing Intelligence?


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The past couple months I've been starting to think I'm losing my intelligence.

I do have Bipolar Disorder with severe depression and psychosis... may have something to do with it?

I mentioned it to my psychiatrist last week, she said that studies have shown that cycling through bipolar phases can damage the brain. But enough to be noticable? She also wanted to start me on Geodone, but I really don't want to be taking anti-psychotics right now (even though I should be).

I'm a mechanical engineer right now, I'm in my 20's, I got lots of years ahead of me! I can't be worrying about this stuff. Would Geodone help with this? I have taken ziprexa,abilify,risperdal, and another one over the years.

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Hello, I've been in such bad shape that I felt like such a zombie (coming out of a psychosis). Whether or not I was losing my intelligence was not a concern for me. I did not care. But looking back now it did feel like I was less intelligent. Nowadays I feel relatively intelligent.

You can read about Geodon here. I used to take it as well as other anti-psychotic drugs. This one I liked because it did not cause weight gain. And I don't think this one has the sexual side effects either. Read about the side effects on Geodon. It messes with the electricity in your heart or something to that effect. It made me nervous but I took it for years without incident. I did experience tardive dyskinesia with haldol once but not geodon.

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