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I know my Children Love Me.

I know some People Care about me.

I just received Another E-Mail informing me I Did Not get the Job but "Thank You for your Interest"; so whats new? and i was hoping to work at a place I had interest in. It's not what you know, what you like, what you hope for; To Many Times It's WHO you know.

I know there are People on this site Who Do Care.

I Know I need to get a Job & Find a Woman.

The Song by the Rolling Stones ( just crossed my mind); "You Cant Always Get What You Want, But You Get What You Need".

I know I dont want to end up Homeless, Penniless, In a Mental Hospital.

I know if I dont post this Quick it will not Post due to to much time.

I know I want Help & to Help People.

I just never thought at 52yrs of age I would be in this Situation & Prediciment.

Im Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired.

Time to post or it wont post.

Just Rambling & Thoughts & Now I have Some Things Off My Chest & out of My Brain.

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Thank You Waiting;

Yes it is. Part of that Hardship for me is I will end up taking Another job out of Desperation that I do not want or Like just to survive.

I just feel at my age 52yrs. I deserve better for myself. It is very Frustrating & Tiring. I know I need Stability & Happiness in my Life.

Part of it somehow I must take responsibility for. It just seems like I continue to start over & over, hoping for better things in my Life.

Thanx again for your Concern & Understanding Waiting. I hope all is well for you?

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Oh man do I have the same fears, afraid that mom's medical costs and needs are only getting higher, and having to layoff caregivers to make it possible to pay bills.

I have nightmares of loosing home and everything and her just ending up in a nursing home cause her retirement has run out. I would loose home for sure.

I am not employed and no one will employ me cause I have to look after mom which means dropping what I am doing and attending to her needs and going to her doctors appointments. No family members are interested in helping out with these things.

I am applying for SSDI, I hope that this will help, and that I will be able to approved for it.

All I can do is hang in there and carry on.

Do the best you can and hang in there, you are not alone in your fears.

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Thank You Shanrucas;

Thank You for your Concern & I hope the Best for You also!!!

The Ironic think is I just responded to a Link up at the top of this Site called "ALLSUP"; which tries to see if you are qualified for "SSDI"?

So I filled out their questioneer. Does anyone on here know anything about ALLSUP? or any other helpful advice Places, or People I can Contact to see if I qualify for SSDI with my "Mental State & My Financial & Living situation at the Moment.

So I can at least have some hope before I become Homeless? Any Help or Advice is appreciated; do I can at least Financially have a chance.

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Waiting I do understand your Pain & Frustration.

As I stated when I went through my over 2yr battle in Divorce Court. I lost my Children, My House, My Reputation, My Dignity, & Finally My Job that I worked so Hard with the School District of Thirteen Years.

Finally I left, relocated started another job, only to come back at the request of my children & my Dads Health (He Passed away); And my own Lonliness.

Cashed in my Retirement which Helped my Ex, My Twin Son, My Oldest Son & Myself. That is now running out & I am just, Tired, Spent & Frustrated with nothing left to give.

As you know I Truly Hope you are able to Overcome your own Obsticles & Situation and Find (And Get) Justice in the end.

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Thank You Guy;

My Oldest Son is 27yrs. old. The one that lives with me now & has Addiction (Pills) & Legel Issues. Often he has told me if it was'nt for me he would have given up by now & been on the streets.

Well we just may end up on the streets together. Not a good scenerio. But I do know I Love Him very much & he Loves me. So we continue to hang on somehow for ourselves & each other.

I know we may not be good for or helping each other right now at all, but it does give some type of hope.

So for you at 25yrs. I am so sorry you feel "spent" yourself. I to hope your answers will find you soon also.

Sincerely & Take Care yourself.

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Thank You Randomperson;

That is so nice to know I was able to help in some way. Just you stating that & your own concern helps me also. THANK YOU!!!

As far as me today; my son im afraid is back on Pills & of course it concerns me & depresses me more. I know im what they call an "Enabler"? & also Co-Dependant?

There are so many Names for things sometimes I get confussed sorry. Anyway I woke up Depressed (Nothing New) & had some coffee which helps a bit.

I feel so many times like me & my son are Loser's lately; with our situations. Of course I would never say that to him. He is a good Man that I truly hope someday is able to overcome his addiction, find direction, hope, a Woman, & Love. He deserves that.

I just keep thinking about that show "Intervention" & how I contacted them with no Luck or responce. I just know my Son & I are heading sown the wrong road. But I am here another day & I will continue to have some sort of hope.

I hope all is well for you Randomperson & Others!!!

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I want you to know you and your son are anything but losers.

The one main thing I have gained from this site is the fact that it is normal for people under as much as we are to struggle and hurt emotionally. That on its own helped so much. To know that I was not alone has helped. Your son is feeling weak from all of the pain you are facing. It is hard to kick addictions, even more so when you are going through difficult times.

You are his rock, you will help give him the strength he needs to finally break it when the time comes :)

You just need one break in your life, and things will start looking up.

I will start praying you get that break.

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