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Hello all.


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Hey guys just wanted to quickly introduce myself because this part of the forum is where I will be posting the most. Well my name is Ash and I have a small penis obviously lol, I'm 21 and live in Australia, I'm originally from England and moved to Australia when I was 15. My life is in a bit of a rut at the minute, I work sleep and eat and that's about it.

I haven't had a girlfriend in nine years and am still a virgin, what doesn't help also is the fact that I don't really have any friends and the fact that having a small penis takes out all of the confidence in me to meet girls. I don't really like the way my life is paning out at the minute and often wonder if my parents think I am gay because I have never introduced them to a girl?

I'm really hoping to get to get to know some of you and share our experiences, all the best, Ash.

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Hello again, Ash. :) It's been a bit quiet in this section of the forum of late, but hopefully others will soon offer you their thoughts.

I would encourage you to be yourself when you are out socially and interacting with women. I know you've said that you haven't been socializing much recently, but maybe the time has come to start getting out again? Try letting yourself be in the moments without trying to force them. Good luck.

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Hi there. I'm not sure how big your penis but this guy does a blog who has a 5 inch penis. He travels a lot with work and writes about his sexual encounters and makes no secret about his penis size. His blog has got a bit of a following and he gets offers from girls to meet up with him. He was giving me advice that if you're being shy because you're scared of what other people think then it's only you that loses and nobody else. He makes videos of a lot of women too.


that's a link to his blog if you are interested. If you can follow his general life attitude then you will get out of the mess. It's easier said than done but it is your own mind limiting you.

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