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ADHD and Masterbation


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Hi my names Ayumu

Does anyone know if masturbation can help with ADHD? Since before I can remember I have had attention issues. I have never been hyperactive, but I do find it difficult to concentrate or to even collect motivation to keep going.

I have often been described as a dreamer - which is true. And I describe myself as an airhead. There used to be so much noise in my head, constant static and all, that having a conversation with someone that is even remotely boring becomes an absurd chore.

Anyway you get the point. Now I would like to say that ever since I have started masturbating, I have been able to concentrate more easily than before. I have been motivated to actually do things with my life, and have started to feel empathy. Empathy is something big, because I used to be a sociopathth, not truly caring about anyone.

So my question is, does it help or is it doing me more damage than good. Also, something else you might want to know is that I have been suffering from anxiety attacks for longer than I can remember as well.

Please and Thank you

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This is just my humble opinion but if you seem to be benefiting from it I don't see a problem. However, if you rely on it and you can only do X after you do X then I would say you've replaced one problem with another. But if it doesn't interfere with your usually activites I say what the hell do what works :).

X can be anything. You can only be social if you drink. You can only relax if you smoke pot. You can only concentrate if you masturbate.

Try to think about what you get from masturbating. Is it just the feel good endorphins? Does it make you relax? Does it quiet your mind so you can focus better? Only you can answer these questions.

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Hi Sweetsara, thanks for the reply :)

I was actually talking about the long term effect of it. You see, prior to a few months ago, I never masturbated. But now that I do, my condition is becoming increasingly better. I wanted to know whether my improving condition has anything to do with this new hobby. Whether there is any causal relation at all.

Directly after it, I feel ok. I don't think its very addictive. I can concentrate just fine now, without masturbating. Which leads me to my second question; if there is a causal relation, will stopping cause my condition to deteriorate again? And are there any health issues I should be considering?

Oh and a my main issue was usually not directly concentration (even though it is the issue), but how annoying the noise in my head was. Every event had an added noise that made it difficult to remember things, or to learn anything. It felt like my brain was going too fast to be useful.

If you have any info, please share. I will greatly appreciate it!

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well I'm not a doctor but I know and have known MANY people who masturbate. The only time I have ever know it to cause a health problem was a friend's BF who did it 10 or more times a day and by his own admission very roughly.

I honestly don't know if there is a correlation between you masturbating and the decrease in symptoms. Maybe it has to do with hormones. You said you recently started so maybe you have matured some. Gotten some different hormones working and that what's helping. I do know that most people who I've talked with that had ADHD as kids grew out of it sooner or later.

I do know from talking with people that you always want to wash your hands before masturbating. Good hygiene is always important even when it comes to self love :) One guy scratched himself and got a pretty nasty infection. He swears if his nails and hands would have been cleaner it wouldn't have be so bad.

To sum up if I had to take a guess I would say it's hormone changes that have helped your condition clear up. If you have a family doctor maybe you can ask if hormone changes can affect ADHD. :)

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I would have to agree. If it is making you feel better than why question it?? As long as it is not interfering with your every day life than I wouldn't worry to much. People find all sorts of things to help with concentration including art, photography, taking walks, reading, cooking, pretty much anything so I don't see why masterbation would be any worse than these. People have been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years. And it wasn't to long ago that masterbation was considered a cure for hysteria for women, by doctors.

Take care of yourself :0 And if it makes you happy (within reason) do it!!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Ayumu,

You stated that you suffer from anxiety attacks. Most likely your compuslve masturbation is a way for yourself to relieve tension and calm youself.

No, masturbation will not cause you any harm. It also will not relieve ADHD. The only thing is does for you is it wastes a lot of time. Its also a poor substitute for having a mature sexual relationship with a partner.

There is help for ADHD and you really should see a psychiatrist for that help. He will also refer you to psychotherapy.


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