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Lupus and Mood Disorders


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Linda and Shanrucas,

Over the years I have worked with a number of people with Lupus and have also spoken with an immunologist who's speciality is Lupus. The answer is yes, Lupus is often accompanied by psychiatric problems. This is called "comorbid," meaning that the psychiatic problems did not cause the Lupus but seem to go along with it. Perhaps the medication has a lot to do with changes in mood for those with this illness.

There was a time when Lupus was fatal. It no longer is thanks to medication.

Hope this helps but I agree that you need to learn more about it.


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Hi Allan, that is facinating information and something I might be able to share with my good friend who is going to visit her son and daughter in law. I know she has been very concerned about her and since she lives so far away from them she worries alot cause there seems to be some behavior issues as well.

I hope this helps Linda too, I wish the best for her.

Thanks Allan


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