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What it means to get old....


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I'm sure this is an extraordinary hurdle for you, but you raised 7 kids right? "Gastrointestinal problems are usually an easy fix, at the worst they become troublesome but are rarely threatening" -My wife, the nurse.

What does it mean to get old? It means you are wise. Linda I don't know if I can convey to you how awesome I think it is that you have seven children, my wife and I plan on having 6, and I've been awe stricken by anyone who has actually accomplished such a feat, and I'll tell you why. What is life if not to perpetuate itself? Our purpose is to bring more life into this world, and nothing can make you more venerable than accomplishing multitudes of lives. So what does it mean getting old? For many, maybe it doesn't mean much, but for you, it means that you are a sage in the wisdom of having mastered our purpose on this earth, So when something goes awry with your physical form and you want to attribute it to your age, think about what you've accomplished in all the time it took you to get to this point; Linda, that's a whole hell of a lot more than most people do in a life time, and though difficulties will doubtlessly arrive and drive you to focus on those complications, they cannot take away the majesty of your profound achievements.

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