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Could this be Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts?


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I have posted this somewhere else but i have decided to move it here.

Ever since i was about 10 years old i have experiance strange thoughts about fast things, this usually made me emotional, it went when i was about 12 then came back for a short while then went again, when i was about 15 i started getting these wierd thoughts again but they were slightly different and wierd, they were where i could imagine things (not neseserilly what i see) going really fast light you see on adverts or movies sometimes, this made me feel ill, sick and have headaches and very unset and scared, i did have some help from a Mental Health Worker for about 8 sessions, and she was a nicer person but wasnt sure too much on what to make of it.

They started to go down in size and i started to become okay as i went in to a relationship with my girlfriend, then they came back about really bad, i have had the thoughts so much again but slightly different again, i could imagine myself or where ever i was being on like a fast ride where im shooting back and things are going past really fast, i also feel like im bou to tip up sort off like tilt up and that which is acompanied by like the imagination of like the fast noise like you hear of a washing machine,or srt of imagining going fast round in a washing machine, i dont see this and deep down know its not true but it feels so true, and if i know a song or think about what im going to say i start to imagine it going fast and that scares me, i find it so hard to relax and have so many wierd thoughts constantally, this causes me to think im going Mad and crazy, i usually get very upset and down, angry by it, ill sick and alo scared and off my food and cant get to sleep and i find it hard to relax, i can feel dizzy with this and my heart pumps faster, my girlfriend who has been with me know over a year tries to help me out but its hard for her and my family, the thoughts are my main concern and they seem so true although they are not.

I have been back to my doctor who has ran a blood test, which turned out posotive, after those im going to request a brain scan as i was not checked over after my car crash when i was around 8, i am very confused and they really do scare the life out of me and i am so certain im going to go insaine and not have a normal life, i have practised calming techniques but they dont work its hard to shake the feeling

I must mention though the thoughts are not like attacks at certain times they are constantally there in my mind 24/7 and hard to not think about and they almost feel real and believeable alhtough they are not

What do you think? Could the thoughts be Intrusive Thoughts?

Many thanks for your time guys


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I'm not sure what might be happening, but it sounds very stressful and painful, Callum. :rolleyes: I think it's a good idea that you're having this checked out medically too. Have you told your doctor what has been going on? Maybe you might also consider counseling again? Anxiety and stress can create more anxiety and stress...which makes things even more difficult to cope with. I hope that you find someone to talk to about this so you can get some relief.

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Callum, welcome. :rolleyes:

It's virtually impossible to diagnose over the internet, but it sounds like your thought are intrusive and you're anxious about this (who wouldn't be?) What this means, I can't say.

When you say a blood test was positive, what was it testing for? Are you able to go for more counselling about this? You might want to look into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which can help for anxiety, you can google it. Getting medically checked out, is a good idea, too.

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Ok thank you, i do understand it is very unusual, i have looked through so much infomation on many Mental Health areas and cant find a match, i do get soo upset about my problem i mean the thoughts arnt real but feel so real and like it is happening or like its going too im not sure honestly, i have a girlfriend and its hard to cope in a relationship as well as having problems, but im not going to end our year or so relationship, i am so scared and i wont lie i have thought lately my life is going to go the worse ever route.

I personally think the thoughts create the anxiety tbh, i do want to go back to a cousiler and say absoultely everything i feel and think about, but it takes sooooooooo long to get an appointment when i done it once it took about two or three months which is so :rolleyes: and is why i need to talk on here and stuff

i am used to be so :rolleyes: with life and so many people would say that, it's like the thoughts are controling my life and clouding m mind and making my perseption of reality slighly off, i honsetly feel like im gonna go mad which destorys me

well luna it was testing for any problem really nd they found none at all, i am going back on 18th of december and getting a refferal to the mental health and counsiling place, but my dad wants me to have a brain scan because they didnt check me after my accident, is that wise though?

so are the thoughts not Intrusive thoughts?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Cbarns,

It sounds very much like what you are going through is awful. It is possible that the anxiety was already there and the intrusive thoughts and the speed represent that anxiety, or the sense that you do not feel in control.

However, you report that you were in some type of accident when you were young and therefore, a brain scan might not be a bad idea.

Are you seeing a psychiatrist? It might be a good idea along with the medical tests you are going through.

I am also curious what the findings were about the blood test that was found positive?


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I Went to the doctors a month ago and was told she would refer me back to the mental health counsilers, but wanted to run blood test to mkae sure i was healthy, it went fine and was told to book another appointment, which i did but had to wait about a month, and was told that my doctor had left so i hads a different doctor who was lovely but she refused to Refer me and said it wouldnt help and that i should mature around it by about 21, this really confused me? and now i am quite in the dark

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