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You have been a good friend the short time I have known you.

I am sorry you are feeling like this, but I do understand.

I feel trapped as well. Feel like I have a destiny I can't escape.. and I don't like that future.. frankly it scares me to death. I am tired of life as well.

Seems like every time I start to get somewhere find something special it is taken away from me and replaced by tragedy or pain.

I know the key is to replace those thoughts, to get a different outlook on life... but I just don't know how.. I have tried so hard.

I don't know how to love the boulder that is crushing me it is very sharp and pointy lol.

I have positive things going on, but it seems like the bad things always consume my thoughts, even now as I type this. I feel like crying out HELP! please fix me lol. But except for my mother and the people on here most turn a blind eye on any cries for help.. in fact run the other way if you are not exactly what they want for their lives.

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