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Where is it written that my favorite radio station has to play nothing but Christmas music for an entire month? Arrrrghhhh! I am listening to lots of CDs these days. NOT Christmas music.

Any bad family stuff always seems so much worse this time of year. My brother is in the hospital again. My Mom who went into a nursing home because my brother can't take care of her is now in a wheelchair. They just don't take the effort to keep her walking. I'm in a different town with 2 young kids and in therapy 4x/wk. My sister takes three hours out of her day most days to get "alternative medicine" treatments for her cancer. My 6 year old is starting to have 20 minute breakdowns the past two weeks and the therapist wants her to see a psychiatrist. My ex is driving me insane. My 9 year old - she's stable for now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And that's my family. Hopefully we can all be together Christmas eve. I guess THAT would be something to celebrate.

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Sorry for al that is happening to you Athena.

As for Christmas music, I am not a big fan. There a few no-traditional ones I like, but I don't even want them over and over.

Most of the time I listen to my own collection of music, but when I do listen to a radio station I avoid the Christmas ones.

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