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Jealousy is ruining my life.


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I'm continuing what I was saying in this post, http://community.mentalhelp.net/showthread.php?t=6124

I get jealous over almost nothing it seems. I get so mad, over nothing. I feel like I do this, because I have no confidence, or self esteem, which sucks so much because I should. I find it impossible to comprehend the thought, that I am able to be someones life, that someone could choose me, and want to be with me and no other person. I just can't grasp that concept, though I can feel it with others. I can have the feeling of knowing the person I am with is who I want and no other, but how I feel about myself, and how I see myself, I cannot possibly think that. Like why would she want to be with me, when she could do so much better? I'm so scared she is going to leave me on any given day, in like any situation. Like, I get jealous of her having guy friends, talking to guys like even if I know for a fact, she isn't interested in them, and even if they are not interested in her. It still just makes my blood boil. Like the other day. And like once I get mad about something, if something even slightly resembles it, or just makes me think about it, I find some way to get mad about it. The worst part about this is I turn in to such a jerk.. Which brings me back to the anger... I don't want to lose her, but how I am acting, is pushing her away, and I'm pretty much getting rid of her on my own. I suck.

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Hi Needgoodhelp,

You don't suck. You have had a tough life and you have been treated badly by your previous girlfriend.

There could be some community services that would provide you with some therapy. I think this is key. You need to learn to deal with these issues and I know it will not be easy.

If you want to keep your girlfriend I think you will need to confide with her more. I suggest yell her you are sorry and how you are worried about losing her. Tell her you are working on resolving your issues but you need some reassurances at time. If she doesn't understand then she doesn't, but give her the chance.

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