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Who here is a writer?

I'm a writer myself and have spent the last few years writting a novel, and despite scrapping the plot/setting completely and restarting twice, I am still at it. The themes are still the same with the same characters, just a different plot with the same core devices.

I am also a poet and and like to draw despite my slightly unsteady hand and poor spelling! I recently entered a program called "nanowrimo" where you try and reach a word count goal in the tens of thousands with a first draft in only a month, writting a novella, and I plan to do the West Vriginia's writters' compititon this year to help me get in college in the summer.

If anyone else here is a writter, feel free (as this is what this topic is here for!) to tell us what you like to write about/have written and any projects you have been working on.

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