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can't sleep


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Been up all night , wide awake . Running low on nightly meds and did not take them. It has messed me up sleep wise. Today is going to be busy too. All I can say is crap. And wonder how long and how far can I go today without any rest. I laid down for three hours and my head was spinnning the whole time.

One good thing though is I am not in a hospital this year which had been happening for several years in a row . I broke that this year . Looking back from where I was at last year and the year before, it is nice not to be recovering frrom severe SI . For those who have been here a while may know about the stupid crap I have done to myself around this time of year. There have been a few times of other things that have occured , but nothing like the past.

I do not know what it will take to sleep , other then getting more prescription meds. I hate to be so dependant on them.

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Hey Mscat,

I am so glad you are doing well this year. That is something to be very proud of. Have you tried Chamomille Tea before bed? If you don't like the taste of that there is a new tea that I have tried lately that is called 'Baby Herbal Tea'. It is meant to help baby's sleep but is good for adults too. It is much sweeter than the other stuff, and tastes pretty good.

I hope you get some sleep soon. That makes a big difference in how you handle everything in your world.

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