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Hello Everyone;

Thank you to those of you who responded to my Online Employment question about Craigslist. Linda I am now on Careerbuilders so Thank You.

I have'nt been doing well at all because I am running out of money & place to live for my Son & I.

The Question I have for any of you who may know or can help is; Because we are unemployed (I have some retirement left & he gets unemployment) we arent qualified to get into appartments or house.

Now I am looking into Local Housing Authority for Low Income Housing-Section 8. Do any of you know anything about this or any other possible assistance for Living with our Situation.

Any help is appreciated. Im trying my best not to become Homeless, In Hospital or Homeless Shelter.

Thank You

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi 58,

I don't know much about housing. I do know that section 8 is a good idea but will take time, unfortunately. You could try the Salvation Army. They provide untold numbers of services for people and are very helpful. I suggest you talk to them and see what they say. Even if they do not have housing I am fairly sure they can point you in the right direction. I am so very sorry you are in this situation. If it helps and it probably doesn't, at least you are not alone with this dilemma.

Do you have any ideas about some form of employment, even if be far below what you did before? I dont mean you haven't tried. I mean that I am just giving this a shot in the dark because I don't know how to help. And its the holidays.


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I posted reply Allan but of course I took to long & it did not post.

Anyway Thank you for advice & responce.

I dont see much hope for my son or myself & its only getting worse. He has no place to go or stay so I cant just leave him. Looks like we will be going down together.

If I knew it would have become this bad & desperate I would not have quit my job & relocated. But who knows what would have happened to my son?

We just arent helping each other any more. Every day is a nightmare for me. I will have to take more money out to make it maybe for another few months in Hotel? Since we cant qualify for any type of housing.

In America this is just sad. If you are Unemplyed & dont have stability your out of luck. My Mental Condition & his Addiction & legel Issues are killing us in so many ways. I am trying to get work. Unemployment is 15% here.

I dont want to live anymore but to afraid to die & just end it all. Wouldnt help; but this is not living it is hell.

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