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What kind of a delusion/hallucination is it in which one believes that aliens are lurking in every nook and cranny and behind doors in a hallway? Any psychological analysis of this kind of delusion been done?

I am curious because it happened to me once years ago, under extreme emotional pain, but luckily only lasted for a few minutes before I snapped back to normal again.

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Hi Barbara, and welcome. You should be able to post wherever you like, now.

None of us here would be able to offer a diagnosis, but I don't think they distinguish very closely about what a hallucination appears to be. I think it's more that when our senses are inventing things, our minds do their best to interpret what they are.

It's possible that there is information about your subconscious mind buried in the interpretation it chose, but it's also possible that, in that case, you yourself are the best possible interpreter of what that information might be. If you're curious, it might be useful to discuss it with an analyst who specializes in the Jungian form of psychotherapy, where such information is explored.

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Hi, malign, thanks, I didn't think anybody was going to answer.

When it happened, I was in some of the worst emotional pain I have ever had, wasn't getting emotional support, and the hallway in which I experienced the aliens was a hallway of therapists' offices, LOL. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Actually, I have a dialectical behavior therapist now. Maybe I will ask her and see what she says about it.

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wanted to add something.
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My wife see "entities" everywhere, especially in clouds, woods and bushes.  Any complicated detailed scene or surface reveals these entities to her.  Sometimes, I can see them too if I make an effort, especially in clouds, after she points-out the "eyes".  She must be projecting mental images based on shape suggestions in her visual field.  She is very adamant at times that these things are real and the rest of us are just afraid to acknowledge them.  Sometimes, she is afraid they will murder or abduct her.  I try to tell her that the universality of what she sees, even if real, means they are just part of reality and not a threat.  This doesn't seem to help.  Nor does trying to explain projection.  For some reason she doesn't think these things are "space aliens", but doesn't know what they are.  She says they are very busy doing things.

Anyone have ideas?

I'm disappointed no one has responded to this.  Renewed thread.

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