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Could i have Pychosis?


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I have a problem which is i have disturbing thoughts about things going fast and quick and me being on a fast ride and it seems almost real, as well as like when you have a song in your head i imagine it going fast also in conversations i do that.

I also get:

Sleep disturbance

Depressed mood

Isolating from friends or family

Reduced concentration/attention

Feeling somehow different or that things have changed sometimes



I get very scared and upset and panic and feel like im about to loose control

Does this sound like phychosis?

Many thanks


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Wow. Just wow. I thought I'd never see the day, but you have the exact symptoms that I have.

I'm being treated for ADHD. I take concerta and the symptoms seem to go away. I'm no expert on psychosis, so I really couldn't tell you if this is even close to it, but I would ask a doctor about ADHD and see if getting treated for that could solve these problems.

I actually forgot to take my pills today and have been experiencing these symptoms off and on all day. I wish you luck and like I said, ask a doctor about ADHD and psychosis.

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The thoughts can be very debateable. What I mean by that is, my definition of 'disturbing thoughts' could be very different from your's. That being said, I DO get thoughts that are disturbing to me at times. They're also very fast through my head and they can be very disconnected at times.

Like I said, the symptoms you have seem to match mine perfectly. I take pills for it and they seem to work, however when I miss a dose like I did yesterday, it takes a day or two for them to start working 100% again.

I truely believe it would be in your best interest to talk to a doctor and see a therapist if you haven't done so already. I believe mental therapy could help even the most well of minds. I mean, who couldn't use someone to talk to and get professional advice as a response? :)

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Hi Callum,

I have all of those symptoms and it's not psychosis. This is why it would be good to speak with a mental health professional. Through therapy, I've discovered that for me these symptoms are caused by depression, anxiety, and an emotionally abusive childhood. So I think symptoms like these can be because of many different things. And I think talking to a doctor or a therapist would be a good start if you are having concerns about yourself.

Best of luck,


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It's hard to write this down ....because the psychatrist diagnosed me as having clinical depression with psychosis, and borderline personality. It is something that has never disappeared .

If you can't distinguish what is real from what is not , then their is a problem of psychosis.

example: talking to sponge bob , and going under the sea , and or having cartoon characters talking , answering back, and believing this , to be absolute truth . Anther one, thinking you can fly like peter pan and wating to take your kids with you .... Stuff like that :(

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I have all sorts of problems including most of the ones you listed in your first post, everybody is going to experience their own symptoms differently though.. While you might have disturbing thoughts about things going fast, other people might have disturbing thoughts about being eaten by killer frogs etc..

What you find disturbing, another person might find soothing etc..

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You can't figure out what your diagnosis might be by polling the membership ...

Please, could you look into talking to someone professional? If it's nothing, no harm done, and if the feelings you get are a problem, they might be able to help. As it is, you're still stuck with them.

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i have been to professional help and they tried to give me anxiety calming techniques which didnt help im affraid, after 8 sessions you can no longer see them, i went back a year later to ask for help and a doctor said she would after blood tests, after them tests i returned and the doctor left for a reason and another doctor took over and said she wouldnt reffer me as she think it will go away one day

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