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Who am "I"?


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I stumbled across this article today and it describes my situation so well. I am not formally diagnosed with BPD, but everything I read about it seems to hit home for me. It struck me that a lot of others here seem to be suffering from BPD or something like it so I thought I'd share the article below.


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Hi Linda,

It looks like you are a lot farther along the learning curve on this than myself. Given how well it describes me, I am surprised that none of the 10 mental health professionals I have seen have even mentioned it. My current therapist doesn't like labels, but he has described all of my symptoms, independent of my own self diagnosis. Perhaps that's why I feel like he's such a good fit.

I came across a couple more websites - one that lists treatments and another that is the synopsis of a book on BPD for therapists. The table of contents alone explains why I feel I have put my therapist through so much. Here they are:



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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Athena and Linda,

I agree that diagnoses can be labels and therefore, be of little use. Actually, the only time that a diagnosis is important is if medication is called for, such as with Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Major Depression, PTSD, etc. After that I just don't see the usefullness.

Psychotherapy is important, whether we use the label, BPD, Avoidant or any other personality disorder, and anxiety disorders and depression. Its the therapy that's most important.

What ever fears, angers and emotions you are dealing with, its important to learn to cope.

After all, we are people, human beings, each different and unique.



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I agree Allan, we are all human beings, each unique. I also find something to learn in each "diagnosis" category, because that is also about an aspect of being human. I enjoyed reading the article on self-hate and the borderline, Athena. I think we could all relate a bit to that!!! And it fascinates me how we require quality relating with others to build a good footing with our "self."

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Allan, FMW;

I don't care much for labels either. I just found the BPD one so interesting because it describes my life and I take some comfort in knowing i am not the only one with these particular problems. It's kind of nice to know I'm on the right track with the therapies I've tried. Also confirms my suspicion that the drugs only take the edge off, they do not "cure" anything. I'm happy that my therapist does not like labels and I guessed his reason - they can give one tunnel vision. As you said, we are all unique individuals, and that must be taken into account.

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