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Orchids, Dandelions, Blue and Yellow


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A few days ago I read an article about how the short version of the "Transporter Gene" predisposes a person to suffering more from stressful situations than a person with the long version of the gene. They categorize these people "Yellow people" and "Blue people".

Today, I read in the newspaper about "Orchid Children". The description sounded so similar to that for the "Blue People" in the article above. The fact that I heard about something from two completely different sources talking about essentially the same thing really piqued my curiosity, so I googled “Orchid children and transporter gene.” It appears they are talking about the same thing, but are using different words. At any rate, the implications of the research are incredible - for parents of Orchid children, and also for people who were likely Orchid children (or Blue people) with poor parenting or a stressful environment growing up.

Maybe this is common knowledge for a lot of people around here, but I have never heard of either term, and as I am trying everything I can to get rid of lifelong depression and found some "hope" if not for myself then for my kids from reading about this concept, I wanted to share it and also get some feedback. (I also posted this in the "General Parenting" forum to get different feedback - under "Orchid Children")

Here are the links that I found really interesting:




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I see a lot of information in the last two articles, especially, that I can keep in mind as the mom of a 2-year-old. It also gives me some hope, especially about the opportunity for change as an orchid-type myself. I have always thought that both nature and nurture worked together in myriad ways to create who a person is. This research seems to support it.

I'll admit that I didn't read through all of the material in the first link, though. I think that I'm a little overwhelmed by the length of it. :(

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