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2010 in summary


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Happy new year to all of you!

During 2010 I have done the following things:

* Turned 25 and got scared that I should be doing adult stuff by now

* Became a godfather

* Graduated finally from high school (big yay, took me 9 years)

* Got a study place in a university (starting in January!)

* Started psychodynamic psychotherapy

* Accepted that I have a personality disorder and started treating myself

* Confessed to some people close to me that I go to a forum called SPS, and that SPS explains some of my problems

-- Cheers!

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High Five! :(:)

Well done. As for "doing adult stuff by now", I'm now 49 and they let me loose into adulthood too early. I was in my first marriage headed for disaster at 25, but it seemed like such a GROWN-UP thing to get married...

There's no rush on this adult stuff.

May things get even better for you this year. :)

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