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I feel so stupid for trying to reach out to people. There is no hope for me. I'm to far gone. I didn't have any expectations when I made a profile. I've just been here a few times and I would sit and think for like hours about what I would say to people. I am so forein to forums and a terrible typer. I wish I could just make videos:) I kinda made a profile on a whim because I don't really do that kind of a thing and I suddenly didn't know what to say. People are dealing with really serious things and I'm in no position to say alot. It's hard for me to express what I say with what I type. I feel so detached from people. I spend most of my time alone. I used to care that I was so messed up but I dont anymore. I don't care if I die. All I wanna do is help people and make people feel good about themselves and if I can do some of that before I die then it doesn't really matter to me. I can be really distant and self destructive and I push people away. I'm sorry for wasting anyones time, it's just hard sometimes.

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Hello CantGiveItAway,

I think it's normal for many of us to feel this way...like we want to help others so badly, but we're not sure where to start.

I am sorry that you are feeling so down. I know it's hard sometimes. I find when I am feeling this way, it helps to reach out to the community here. I always feel supported and that there are people here who care.

As for helping others, I believe that just by being present in the community, you are helping people...by giving your support and sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have learned so much here.

I agree with Waiting, maybe you could tell us more about yourself. We do all deserve help and kindness, even if in the darkest moments we do not think we do.

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I agree absolutely with Waiting and Buttons. (So I will not repeat what they've already said.) Moreover, it doesn't seems to me that you'd be "a terrible typer" :). Your post make sense and you expressed there very well what you wanted (the feelings about writing, communicating on forums), even though you said "It's hard for me to express what I say with what I type." So... I'm sure you'd be able to continue. Just don't concentrate on how you write and if it's gonna be "right" - you always can change your mind, modify your posts, add forgotten thoughts, ... We don't expect "litterature", we don't expect you'll solve our problems, ... but there's a lot you can do for you and for ohters - as Buttons said - "just by being present in the community [...] by giving your support and sharing your thoughts and experiences" :).

That's great that you joined us :). Now let's benefit from your presence here! :o

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Guest ASchwartz

Hello Cantgiveitaway,

There is nothing worse than thinking there is not hope. But, that is something I always find to be untrue. There is always hope. You just need to find the reasons and they are right there but you just don't see them right now.

It is not stupid to reach out to people. In fact it is normal because we all need one another. We are here for you.

What has happened to you that makes you believe there is not hope?


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