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Obsessing about my relationship


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Hi everyone,

I am in a healthy, loving relationship (I know this, logically and in my heart) of 3.5 years. My GAD is getting the best of me lately - I can't stop obsessing about the relationship in the "usual ways". I keep asking myself - am I missing something? Am I being told everything? Is my partner REALLY happy?

My worst GAD symptoms are self-doubt and the fear of losing control (which in this case is the "am I missing something" part). Although I try and use my regular coping strategies, the following is really haunting me:

What if my illogical thoughts are really logical, and I am dismissing (not seeing) relationship dissatisfaction I may have because I'm so accustomed to my mind always worrying?

Does that make sense? Ugh.

Thanks for reading.


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It makes sense. I don't have GAD but I do get very paranoid sometimes.

What I do is keep a notebook handy and when I have a thought I just can't get rid of I write it down. I then try to forget usually can't but try. then I go back to the notebook every Saturday and read what I have written.

Some of it I am able to dismiss because when you see it on paper it's just nuts. Some of it is a real concern of mine and those I focus on and try to figure out what I can do about them other than just worry. I write down everything I can think of to help me move past the thought/problem. Then I try my "solutions" and see what happens.

It's not sure fire and maybe it only helps me but hopefully it might help you too.

When I lived with my husband I would also use it as a discussion tool. If there was something I just couldn't get past or the thought had to do with him I'd show him. I'd tell him this is in my head. It's not something you did but I need help letting it go.

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