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I got a call back from a therapist and she wants $110/h! I have no job, there's no way i can do that! And yes, i've searched for clinics and hospitals for someone with a sliding scale and this dinky town doesn't have any.


I've been stuffing this shit because i have people depending on me. i can't just check out. If somebody says one wrong thing to me i'll probably go postal on them. this is beyond frustrating. my chest hurts i'm so upset.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

i can feel the heat rolling off me, my pulse is through the roof, my hands are shaking.

This is the stupidest shit...i just somebody i can talk to before some bad shit happens. this is how people become homicidal! Ugh, i can't stand this.

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Okay Fox,

Do you have a forest or a deserted place where you can go and scream to the world (or Fuck the world) and get it all off of your chest? You need to do something, and maybe this would be theraputic. I wish my therapist cost $110/h, mine is $250/h. But that doesn't make it any easier right now. Hang in there, you will find something, and if anything we all have ears here, just vent here. We are willing to give feedback to you or listen. Just type, or scream, let it all out. Exhaust yourself into uter oblivion and start fresh, looking at this from a different perspective. But first relieve the pressure and stress!!

I am here for you, keep PMing me!!

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Would love to fuck the world, Mel! Can i do it, please?! No, unfortunatly i live in a dinky town in central florida...no forest. I would scream, i do enough of it when i'm pissed, but i have old lady inspector next door. She would hear me and probably call the cops, then they'd come out and ask what the yelling was about, i'd have to tell them...and then they'd put me in a straight jacket and cart me.

Just too much work honestly.

See, i'm a low income family, my mom and i live paycheck to paycheck.

I must seem like a complete monster! I assure you though when i'm on my best behavior i have a sense of humor anybody could laugh at. haha, hopefully in our discussions you will see that side of me!

Thanks again for everything, Mel!

You are an angel!


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Kind of like that show on TV with that Doctor (Cant think of his name)?

It would be nice if we could all Physically get together with Allan here on this site & just let it all out; although im not sure Allan would go for that.

Anyway I hope everything works out for you Fox; I understand. It is just so Frustrating about the Cost for Everything; Especially when it comes to our own Sanity & Well Being.

I live in a Hotel & not far from Homeless with my Oldest Son. Believe me I would love to Yell, Scream & just go Nuts in General without Hurting Anyone at all. Our Society Dictates us to Behave & Act a Certain way.

Somehow we just have to believe Time will make things Better. The best to you!!!

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Hey Fox,

How about your disabled car. Can you go in there with your pillow and scream into that. The car would block most of the screaming anyway, and what that doesn't the pillow will.

When I get in the same stage that you are in (which I am in right now) I also have a hard time with reasons why things can't be done. Nothing will save you from what is destined to be, and because it is all inside of you you can't run from it either. So I am going to go smother it out with chocolate, if that doesn't work, not sure what I will do next.

Good luck Fox, keep trying things eventually something will work.

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