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I thought I should maybe post a bit of a warning to abuse survivors about reading posts that might be triggering to them. It seems to me as if some people have been triggering each other inadvertently, lately, so it seemed important to say this.

Most of the posts that I've looked at had the appropriate trigger warnings on them. I also don't want to discourage people from posting what they need to post; I'm quite sure no one would be writing about these horrors if they could do something else with it all. I also think that reading about other people's experiences can help abuse survivors to realize that they are not alone, and this is particularly important because of the shame and secrecy that often accompany the abuse.

However, it's possible that some people are not taking adequate care of themselves, and ignoring the warnings while their own history has not yet been thoroughly dealt with. It is a well-documented fact that reading accounts of the abuse of others can trigger memories and feelings from one's own abuse. Such flashbacks can be powerful and disturbing, and unfortunately, because of the remoteness of the internet, they may happen when there is no one with you to help ground you in the present.

The warnings are there for your own protection. Don't worry, someone will respond to the posts of others in need. Please respect your own limits; no one says you have to read everything.

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Guest SomethingOrOther

I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention it, but I frequently see trigger warnings that go: "some whatever title (trigger)" and it's not possible to figure out whether the post will be about abuse, self-harm, suicide, drugs,... especially when it's not in a specific subforum.

It might be good to assume not everyone is aware of the posters history and make sure people get a general idea of topic without reading the post.

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That's a good idea, too, SoO, when it's practical. Some posts might be difficult to fit into set categories, but any hint helps.

It might also be valuable to take this opportunity to ask our members what they would prefer. Some people read everything, some try to filter certain topics. Some should avoid triggers, at the stage they're at, and maybe others would benefit from hearing people's experiences. What would you all suggest we do to make reading our site as safe for you as possible?

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I think that when a person puts a trigger warning on a post, whom ever is reading it is going in with the idea that it is a sensitive topic.

If it is not in regards to what the topic is about than that should be specified in the heading. I think the most important ones are actually the new members who are only allowed to post on the one site. Since some get right into why they are here, but don't know that a warning should be posted if it is a trigger topic, that one can be more difficult. Is there a way that this can be put in the opening page when they open this post? We all want to be supportive, but it can be difficult to know when to and when not to. Also from personal experience sometimes you think you are ready to read about a topic until you actually read it, by then it is to late. But that would be my issue to deal with not everyone elses.

I believe we will figure out what works well for everyone involved. Thanks Mark

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