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How do I let go?


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Im afraid to post this because I worry alot about what people think but i also take chances. Im just wondering how do i let go of my past relationships? Ive been with someone for a long time, married them, got divorced, and i dont think i completely let it go.

Then I have a friend a really good friend whos happily married but seems like the guy of my dreams and i have feelings for him. he was aware of them in the past and i told him that they were gone but i lied because i didnt want to destroy our friendship or his marriage. he's happy and i dont want to ruin that. I just wish i had him or find someone like him. That makes me feel horrible what kind of friend am I?

I want to let go of those things in my past but im having a hard time. They moved on with their lives why cant i? why is so hard? Am i making it harder than it is? I need help and advice on how to let go. I dont know what to do anymore this is not helping my depression at all just making things worse.

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